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Best Place to Sell Furniture Dubai

Are we looking to Sell Furniture in Dubai? We are Dubai’s top purchasers of old appliances and Used furniture. We are used home appliance buyers in Dubai and buy used furniture.

If you wish to sell, contact us. We take items such as a dining room set, a leather or fabric sofa, a Full house, and complete building furniture.

We are examples of second-hand furniture. Well buy used household items, including a used refrigerator, a used washing machine, and used air conditioners. Smart OLED, LCD, and LED TVs: SUHD TV.

Selling your furniture in Dubai can be a lucrative and sustainable option. With Al Riyada Used Furniture Buyers, you can seamlessly convert your pre-loved pieces into cash while contributing to a greener environment by promoting furniture reuse and recycling.

Why Choose Al Riyada Used Furniture Buyers?

At Al Riyada, we understand the importance of convenience, transparency, and value for our customers. Here’s why you should choose us to sell your furniture in Dubai:

Used furniture
used Sofas buyers

Quick and Hassle-Free Process:

We offer a streamlined process to sell your furniture swiftly. From initial assessment to final transaction, we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality.

Competitive Pricing:

Our team of experts evaluates your furniture’s condition and market demand to ensure you receive the best possible price for your items.

Wide Range of Furniture Accepted:

Whether you’re selling a some item or an entire household furniture and electronic or office furniture set, we accept a diverse range of furniture pieces, including sofas, dinning tables, office chairs, bedroom set, flat or villa furniture, and more.

Environmentally Conscious Approach:

By choosing Al Riyada, you contribute to sustainability efforts by extending the lifecycle of furniture through resale, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact.

Steps to Sell Furniture Dubai with Al Riyada

Sell Furniture Dubai
Selling used furniture

Selling furniture with Al Riyada is a straightforward process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit Your Furniture Details: Visit our website and fill out the online form with details about the furniture you wish to sell, including its condition, dimensions, and any relevant information.
  2. Assessment and Valuation: Our team will assess your furniture based on the provided information or schedule an on-site visit for a more accurate evaluation. We’ll then provide you with a fair and competitive offer.
  3. Acceptance and Pickup: Upon accepting our offer, we’ll schedule a convenient pickup time to collect the furniture from your location, whether it’s your home, office, or storage unit.
  4. Payment: Once we’ve received and inspected the furniture, we’ll process your payment promptly through your preferred method, whether it’s cash, bank transfer, or cheque.
  5. Resale and Sustainability: Your furniture will be professionally cleaned, refurbished if necessary, and showcased in our showroom or online platform for resale, ensuring it finds a new home and continues to serve its purpose.


Selling furniture in Dubai with Al Riyada Used Furniture Buyers offers a seamless, rewarding experience. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or simply looking to free up space, our efficient process, competitive pricing, and commitment to sustainability make us the ideal choice for your furniture-selling needs. Turn your pre-loved furniture into cash today and join us in promoting a greener, more sustainable future.

Sell used furniture
Used furniture

Selling an Expensive Piece of Furniture

  • Assess value: Consider material, brand, and market demand.
  • Select platforms wisely: Opt for high-end marketplaces or specialized auctions.
  • Showcase effectively: Use quality photos and detailed descriptions.
  • Market strategically: Target affluent buyers through advertising and collaborations.
  • Prioritize security: Ensure secure transactions with written agreements and insurance coverage.


What is the best way to sell second hand furniture?

In Dubai, utilize local platforms like Dubizzle and used furniture stores, along with Facebook Marketplace, for selling second-hand furniture. These channels cater to residents, ensuring efficient and targeted connections with potential buyers.

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